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Nadina Šetić

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Passion for transformation

Karmic astrology, ancestral healing and shadow integration

Areas of Expertise

Inner child healing

Ancestral healing

What is karmic/ancestral healing?

Karmic astrology serves as a guiding tool in gaining a broader understanding of our karmic patterns. By exploring the celestial influences at the time of our birth, we uncover valuable insights into our past experiences and inherent tendencies. 

This knowledge enables us to discern recurring themes, patterns, and lessons that may have shaped our lives. Once we have this profound awareness, we can then actively engage in energy work to heal our ancestral wounds. Acknowledging that our lineage carries within it both positive and negative imprints, we can use various healing modalities to release and transform any limiting beliefs, traumas, or unhealthy patterns that have been passed down through generations. By working with these energies, we not only liberate ourselves but also contribute to the healing and evolution of our family lineage. Furthermore, integrating our shadow aspects in our daily life becomes an essential step in our personal growth journey. The shadow aspect represents the unconscious parts of ourselves, which we tend to disown or suppress due to societal conditioning or fear. However, by embracing these hidden aspects with compassion and self-reflection, we are able to fully embrace our authenticity and potential. Karmic astrology acts as a compass in navigating this intricate process, as it illuminates the areas where our shadows may lie. It allows us to bring these aspects to consciousness, encouraging us to explore and integrate them into our lives. Through this conscious integration, we grow emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, enabling us to live a more authentic and fulfilling existence. In summary, karmic astrology opens the door to a greater understanding of our karmic patterns, which in turn enables us to actively work with our energies to heal ancestral wounds. By embracing and integrating our shadow aspects, we embark on a transformative journey towards self-discovery, self-acceptance, and a more harmonious existence.

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About Nadina

Nadina's childhood was an accumulation of events in which she felt victimized. The war in Sarajevo and her father's alcohol addiction marked her. Later on, she suffered from anxiety and depression. Thanks to karmic astrology and plant medicine she was able to open a new door in her consciousness. A new perception opened to her as she discovered her passion in the tunnels of the subconscious. ​She has further expanded that astrological basis with training in Reiki, massage, Bach flower therapy, Inner Child/Ancestral Healing and regression therapy. ​Helping people in the "places" where she needed help herself gives her great satisfaction and joy. She resides and works in a small village in southern France, where she and her husband operate a center 'Alchemy of Sparks' with the shared goal of establishing a secure environment for individuals to seek solace in nature and rediscover their inner selves.

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My Offers

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We are born with certain themes that our soul takes from our karmic past to transform them.

At the moment of our birth, an imprint of this occurs in matter. From this we can read our "assignments" for this life, the pieces of ourselves that we

must integrate. In this way we get a personal plan, pointers that can help us on the path of our evolution.

150 euro

Astro coaching

Following a karmic astrology consultation, we are looking to further explore our consciousness and embark on a journey of self-discovery through our birth imprint. We will gradually enhance your comprehension and awareness in a way that allows you to intuitively understand what steps you need to take in your daily life to fully integrate this newfound knowledge.

120 euro

Inner child/Ancestral healing

To achieve inner harmony with the world around us, it is essential to delve deep into our memories and acknowledge the hidden pains we may be carrying unknowingly. Our childhood experiences often leave lasting wounds that we suppress, fragmenting parts of ourselves in the process. Our emotional and physical traits are a reflection of our ancestors, carrying their burdens and struggles without even realizing it. Though we are unable to directly assist them, we have the power to heal and transform these inherited issues by exploring and addressing our ancestral lineage. By understanding and integrating these aspects of our past, we can move forward on a path of healing and self-discovery.

150 euro

You will have an opportunity to awaken to your inner and deeper consciousness levels that are connected with your birth moment. You will get to decode and activate your birth imprints, learn how to use astrology for your evolution and work on embracing your shadow. Welcome to the 'Alchemy of Sparks' center in southern France.

1390 euro

"All my life I've felt like an 'alien' in this world. During an astrological consultation with Nadina, for the first time I felt understood and seen as I am. What an indescribable homecoming. She described in great detail what I've been struggling with inside me for years which I've never been able to talk to anyone. I wouldn't even be able to put it into words myself. Her words brought deep reassurance and concrete perspectives to finally unfold myself, to open my wings in this life."

Pret van het strand

Katrien / Belgium

"For me, an astro-consultation with Nadina was as if the needle of my inner compass had re-adjusted again, as if the fog lifted and I could see better where I was at sea, as I remembered how to hoist the sails and steer my boat to continue my journey with purpose. I keep re-listening to the recordings and keep hearing different things...grateful 🙏🏻"


"I didn't realize that I was walking in the footsteps of my father until I did an astrology consultation. I was shocked to find out that my father was feeling this way as I feel now, and I remember only my fury towards him when I was a young boy. I cried for a few days in a row, and I felt such a burden getting off my shoulders... an amazing experience."

Mens die zich door de Oceaan

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Nadina Šetić 
66110 La Bastide, France
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