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Why leadership mentoring?

The present state of society is at a crucial juncture, with unprecedented pressure on various systems including individual, family, business, social, and ecological. To cope with the rapidly growing complexity of the situation, a profound shift in consciousness is necessary, and new experiential models of education need to be explored.


Leaders must possess skills to acknowledge hidden issues and be able to develop sustainable alternatives to overcome them. My role is to enable leaders decode their limitations, transform themselves, and grow toward becoming conscious leaders with a higher purpose and positive impact on the world.



Step 1:


 In depth assessment

By unraveling the limiting patterns that govern your behaviors and lead to dysfunctional symptoms and feelings of being trapped, you can gain insight into your inner workings.

Step 2:



Transformation can be likened to a rebirth process, whereby problems are neutralized, and karmic or transgenerational loads are dissolved. This process frees you from karmic imprints and recurrent patterns to evolve from dis-functionality to functionality.

Step 3:

Leadership expansion

Leadership in its truest form is about service. It is about putting the needs of others before your own and creating a vision that inspires and uplifts them. When you lead with service at the core of your values, you are on a path of the soul. It is a journey that leads you to a place of true greatness, growth, and expansion of your full potential.

For whom?

There are several opportunities to enter the coaching trajectory based on your personal growth:


  • If you hold a leadership position in your family, work, community or organization but struggle with repeating patterns, coaching can help you break free from those limitations.

  • If you recognize that these personal challenges are affecting your leadership responsibilities, coaching can provide the tools to address them.

  • If you've reached a point where you're no longer willing to compromise and are ready to face the difficult task of addressing the emotional "trash" that may be holding you back, coaching can guide you towards personal evolution.

  • If you're aware of the vast potential within you but don't know how to actualize it, coaching can help you unlock and tap into that power.

  • If you're investing your time and energy into a system that doesn't align with your values and beliefs, coaching can help you prioritize your time and focus on a more fulfilling purpose.

  • If you've already started working on your personal development and want to take your leadership potential to the next level, coaching can enhance your conscious leadership skills.

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Are there requirements?

To truly connect with your higher purpose in life, you must first embrace the concept of service in leadership. When you lead with a mindset of service, you begin to operate from a place of deeper understanding and humility. It requires a sense of awareness about yourself, others, and the world around you. You must be willing to listen and empathize with others, to be present in the moment, and to open yourself up to feedback - even if it is hard to hear. Service in leadership also requires embracing the path of the soul. When you are on a soulful path, you are tapping into a greater sense of consciousness, a deeper knowing of the world and your place in it. It requires a willingness to let go of limiting beliefs and outdated patterns that may no longer serve you. By shedding old layers and discovering your true self, you can tap into your fuller potential, allowing for a sense of greatness to emerge. As you continue to walk down the path of the soul with service at the heart of your leadership, you will begin to experience a deeper level of growth and expansion. You will find yourself embracing new challenges with confidence and resilience. Your openness and willingness to learn from others will allow you to expand your consciousness and become more in tune with the world around you. This journey towards greater heights of leadership, consciousness, and growth is not an easy one. However, by connecting to your higher purpose and embracing the concept of service, you will be on a path that leads to a more uplifted version of yourself. This version of yourself is not only capable of more significant achievements and greater success but is also able to inspire and uplift those around you. In short, conscious leadership is about embracing service as a driving force for personal and collective growth. By connecting to your higher purpose, you open yourself up to a fuller version of yourself, a version that is capable of true greatness. Through this journey of the soul, you will find yourself on a path of boundless expansion, both personally and as a leader.

My Offers


Coaching and mentoring

Having a mentor is essential for personal and professional growth, especially when playing a prominent role in your career or family. You can have guidance in uncertain situations, and help on your journey of self-improvement.

Professional development

Do you aspire to lead a purposeful life where your inner and outer worlds are in harmony? Are you seeking to conduct business with utmost soulfulness?We will collaboratively develop a customized program tailored to your specific goals.

Exclusive individual retreats

Offering customized and personalized retreats focused on developing your leadership skills and inner authority, you have the option to participate at my center in France.

Mentoring on location

Are you unable to come to my center due to your current position? Don't worry, I can offer an alternative solution. I am willing to come to a location of your preference and choice, where we can thoroughly work  together.

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