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What is leadership mentoring?

Leadership mentoring is a highly effective tool for catalyzing personal transformation and ensuring its sustainability. Whether it involves coaching an individual or a team, the process enhances their vision and perspective, and equips them to overcome challenges. By tapping into their inner potential, it empowers individuals to pursue a purposeful and fulfilling life, and to develop the skills needed for their personal growth.


About Gert

Gert earned his degree as a bio-engineer in chemistry and later worked for four years as a science teacher before being halted by burnout, which propelled him towards self-discovery. Motivated to improve his own life and broaden his awareness, he journeyed around the world to study various spiritual and body practices, including therapist training, Zhineng Qigong, permaculture design, and awareness with indigenous Amazonian tribes for several years. This cross-cultural experience granted him a distinct perspective, enabling him to offer personalized mentoring services to individuals from different backgrounds. He worked extensively with people with depression and PTSD. Gert has dedicated himself to assisting people on their journey to inner transformation, with over fifteen years of mentoring experience, guiding numerous individuals to unlock their potential, become better leaders, and develop meaningful relationships. Gert has authored two books on inner transformation, and his approach to mentorship is founded on the belief that genuine transformation arises from within, and everyone can tap into their inner power to reach their full potential. Now residing in southern France with his wife and children, Gert operates a center called "Alchemy of Sparks". The center is focused on helping people embark on their own unique personal journeys.


"Expanding awareness and acting on it is the greatest gift you can give to yourself!"

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Coaching and mentoring

Having a mentor is essential for personal and professional growth, especially when playing a prominent role in your career or family. You can have guidance in uncertain situations, and help on your journey of self-improvement.

Professional development

Do you aspire to lead a purposeful life where your inner and outer worlds are in harmony? Are you seeking to conduct business with utmost soulfulness?We will collaboratively develop a customized program tailored to your specific goals.

Exclusive individual retreats

Offering customized and personalized retreats focused on developing your leadership skills and inner authority, you have the option to participate at my center in France.

Mentoring on location

Are you unable to come to my center due to your current position? Don't worry, I can offer an alternative solution. I am willing to come to a location of your preference and choice, where we can thoroughly work together.

To overcome childhood traumas and perform in my career, I built survivor and defense mechanisms rooted in insecurities and compensation models. Choosing not to invest more years in survival mode, I embarked on a quest to transmute systemic pain into inner peace, self-love, and personal growth.


My collaboration with Gert, based on my personal experience, marked the beginning of a radical inner-systemic transformation. I'm deeply grateful to have experienced such a profound shift in my lifetime. Intergenerational and childhood traumas are no longer part of my life, allowing me to focus on personal and inner growth.


Throughout my journey, Gert has proven to be a trustworthy, highly skilled sparring partner. His outstanding leadership skills in guiding transformative processes and sparring-partner sessions, from my perspective, have been invaluable.

Besneeuwde bergen

Greg, Entrepreneur - Switzerland

So many beautiful, big and small steps taken, being able to get so much closer to myself, working hard, learning to "surf on the waves of life". 

And yes, I still fall off my board every now and then, but my built-up inner strength ensures that I get up faster. Sturdy anchor points and a better-tuned inner compass make surfing easier. 

I could/can do so much "work" thanks to the safety Gert creates throughout the entire process. His immense compassion and patience are indispensable aspects to dare to look at your most vulnerable and painful parts. Grateful that he walks beside me on this part of my path. 


Like countless others in search of guidance, I too was plagued with a sense of disorientation and bewilderment. However, as I delved into Gert's literary works, I experienced an instant resonance with his being and energy. He urged me to confront my innermost demons and skillfully navigated me through the labyrinthine process of accepting them. Although it still proves to be a demanding undertaking at times, I have undergone a fundamental shift in my fundamental essence. This transformation has allowed me to value and honor myself in ways I never thought possible, marking a pivotal and meaningful milestone in my journey of personal growth.

Mediteren op een heuvel

C.D. - Switzerland

Living a purpose-driven life in today's chaotic world can be a daunting task, especially when you have to juggle the constant pressure and responsibilities of running a business, being a husband and a father. I was struggling to keep up with everything until I decided to seek guidance from Gert. By working with him, I was able to regain my equilibrium and reprioritize my life. Thanks to his guidance, I now feel more in tune with myself than ever before.

S.J. - France

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