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-Rebuild your energy-

Why qigong?

Our energetic state has a direct impact on our posture and conversely we can influence our energy through a conscious posture. This universal widom has been practised for thousands of years in the form of qigong. 

This ancient postures, practises and meditations have a direct impact on our body, mind and consciousness as a way of self healing. Once you learned the basic exercises, you can practice as intensively as you want at home.

With a time investment of only 15' a day you will feel a huge improvement of your inner strength and balance. 

There are many qigong methods. Gert is teaching Zhineng qigong. In 2006 he spent six months in China learning Zhineng qigong at the source and has been practicing these healing positions and body movements since then as a pillar of his daily spiritual exercises.

For whom? 

  • you are looking for an easy and in depth form of daily spiritual practice
  • you want to improve your energy level
  • you want to develop more autonomy on your path of self healing
  • you want to get rid of fatigue and energy dips
  • you want to activate your body in a conscious way
  • you want to build more inner strength and balance


This individual retreat has a minimum stay of 4 days and 3 nights here at the center in the Pyrenees. There is a 1,5 hour qigong practice in the morning and in the afternoon. During the total of 6 hours qigong you will learn 3 exercises of Zhineng qigong. Between the training sessions you are free to practice more on your own or to relax in this amazing nature and silence. In good weather conditions we will of course practice outside in the empowering nature.

For this retreat you don't need previous experience with qigong. 

You will receive a recording of the practises so you can use them afterwards at home as a  support for your daily pratice.


Reboot your body and soul in the pyrenees

Go in depth with this individual training

Build inner strength  and balance

6 hours of intensive qigong practice

Create a new and liberating mindset

Healthy and fresh nutrition


The price for a basic stay of 4 days/3 nights is 1450€,

Per additional day: 349€ (incl. 1 hour qiogong) or 530€ (incl. 3 hours qigong)

You can schedule this individual retreat according to your own agenda and our availability.

Very happy to welcome you!

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