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Why this individual retreat?

To reconnect with your soul, your Higher Self and find clarity about your questions or intentions you want to work on.​

For whom? 

  • if you want to find more inner peace and silence

  • to find your own inner compass

  • to restore inner balance

  • if you are looking for a place where you can plug out your daily rat race and plug into your soul

  • to look at your life from a different perspective

  • if you want to dive into your inspiration

  • if you want to work around a specific life challenge


By going into an introspective silence in a natural environment, you make a deeper contact with your own nature, your own answers. Your intentions are creating a path during this retreat towards your personal goals.​


This retreat brings you in close contact with elements of nature with daily 2 moments of coaching. You can choose the duration of your stay with the base of

a minimum of 4 days / 3 nights.

On top of that, you can choose from various additional options such as individual session, reconnection massage, meditation, transformation ritual, art session, qigong, hiking with Gert, or enjoying the coastal town Collioure with Nadina.

There are many possibilities.

In this way you shape your unique program.


Recharge your batteries in the pyrenees

Reconnect with your soul

Build inner silence

Experience different time dimension

Daily 2 coaching sessions

Healthy and fresh nutrition


The price for a basic stay of 4 days/3 nights is 1090€,

Per additional day: 349€.

You can schedule this retreat according to your own agenda and our availability.

Very happy to welcome you!

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