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Online coaching


During an online coaching we look at a specific challenge that you are struggling with and that you want to transform. This can be of a professional, personal, spiritual or relational nature. We usually get confused because we look for the answers in our heads.

​That is also the right place for a large number of problems, but if we get stuck, we have to look elsewhere.

Through the targeted guidance you sink from your head into your feeling, from the personal level to the soul level.

We work with what presents itself at the border of consciousness and see what your energetic system needs.


This is how you find out which next step you can take on your path of transformation.


 Always provide a quiet space during online coaching where emotions are allowed to be there and can be released. Keep tissues close at hand and a pillow to call upon if needed.


If preferred, you will receive a recording of each coaching session.


via Zoom

60 minutes

120 euros


​Special offer

Intensive coaching program of 5 online sessions:

550€ (110€/coaching)

Deep diving coaching program of 10 online sessions:

1000€ (100€/coaching)

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