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Transformational silence retreats


"This is just a temporary state in the evolution of the humanity where you have to travel somewhere to be with yourself."

            - Eckart Tolle

In our center, we offer the possibility to choose between four different  retreats for individuals and a quest. During each retreat it is possible to stay longer (if schedule allows) and to book additional sessions. 

Alchemy of Sparks.JPG


To reconnect with your inner compass,

your Higher Self

and find clarity about your questions or intentions you want to work on.​


890 €


your life

To transform your life in a conscious way

instead of repeating old karmic programs and patterns over and over again.


1390 €

Hand aanraken van water
Schermafbeelding 2022-12-08 om 10.46.19.png

Shadow integration

Decoding, activating and learning how to use astrology and your birth imprint as a lever for your evolution.


1390 €


reset of body and mind

To find your own inner compass and to restore your inner balance, 7 nights at the center of wich 3 nights alone in the forest.


2780 €

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Rebuild your energy

Learn how to use the healing movements and positions of Zhineng Qigong in an amazing surrounding of nature and silence.


1190 €

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