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Shadow integration

-a dive into karmic astrology with Nadina

Why this individual retreat?

This 5-day individual retreat has a structured program and daily​ 2 moments of coaching with Nadina. Here you will be guided and supported to observe yourself and your hidden energetic patterns from an astrological point of view, that hinder you from living in your own worth. You will have an opportunity to awaken to your inner and deeper consciousness levels that are connected with your birth moment. You will get to decode and activate your birth imprints and learn how to use astrology for your evolution.

For whom? 

  • if you are inspired by themes as karmic astrology and incarnation
  • you want to make contact with your hidden patterns that control you from your subconscious
  • you want to face your own convictions
  • you want to find you own inner compass and restore your inner balance
  • if you are looking for a place where you can plug out your daily rat race and plug into your soul

  • you want to see your life from a different perspective

  • you want to work around a specific life challenge


A karmic astrological reading decodes the energetic blueprint for your incarnation.

It shows the themes and challenges that are active in your life.

During this retreat you work with this themes to a concrete action plan how to handle them into your daily life. ​


Recharge your batteries in the pyrenees

Reconnect with your soul

Build inner silence

Experience different time dimension

Daily 2 coaching sessions

Healthy and fresh nutrition


The price for a basic stay of 5 days/4 nights is 1390€,

Per additional day: 349€.

You can schedule this retreat according to your own agenda and our availability.

Very happy to welcome you!

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