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available from April to September

Transformation Quest

-a reset for body and mind-

Why this Quest?

Often, high speed of our modern society can create stress and disconnection from our own nature and senses. Because of this disconnection, we don't know how to deal with our thoughts and emotions and we will do everything we can to avoid ourselves.

Some are called by their souls to stop this suffering.

Is this Quest calling you?


A Quest is a search for something deep in your soul. Transformation Quest is our version of the Vision Quest and is exclusive and private inner journey. Through fasting and meditation, a transformation quest awakens your body and spirit. You will be confronted with your self and heal yourself on the deeper level.

For whom? 

  • you want to better know yourself
  • you want to take control over your thoughts and emotions
  • you want to make contact with your patterns that control you 
  • you want to face your own convictions
  • you want to know the level of madness you're suffering
  • you want to find your own inner compass and restore your inner balance
  • you want to see your life from a different perspective

  • you want to have a reset for your body and soul


You can choose between a quest of 24, 48 or 72 hours by yourself in our forest including the necessary preparation and follow up. 


Reset for body and soul in the pyrenees

Reconnect with your soul

Build inner strenght

Experience different time dimension

Observe your mind

Healthy and fresh nutrition


Prices from 1930€,

Per additional day: 349€.

You can schedule this quest according to your own agenda and our availability from April until September.

Very happy to welcome you!

Alchemy of Sparks.jpg

 To begin is the most important part of any quest and by far the most courageous.


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