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Digital programs

-growing towards Auto Leadership

What our clients say

"This program has helped me to a deep connection, rarely experienced. Defining my soul mission was not an easy thing at first, but I got there.

Guided step by step by the benevolence of Gert, I managed to set up a project that carries me and reflects my true self.

I recommend it to anyone who wants to explore the desires of their soul so that everyday life finally becomes an adventure and no longer a constraint. Thank you Gert!"

Cristina - Lausanne -



Soul engineering

one year online program


has been developed to build a stable inner platform for your growth towards more autoleadership. For one year you will be guided to transform your limiting habits and beliefs through daily exercises and a monthly video consultation. With a daily practice of 30' you will collect tools to clear your karmic charges and become an engineer of your own life.

For whom? 

  • ​You want to break free from those restrictive programs that trap you

  • You feel the inner motivation to take responsibility as the creator of your life

  • You want to carve your own authentic path

  • You want to bring light to your shadows that prevent you from living fully

  • You want to discover your mission and give it concrete form

  • You want to grow towards an inspired and fulfilled life


Once or twice in a month, during one year, we meet online for a one-hour coaching where you will receive necessary material and guidelines.

This program takes about 12 months and contains 12 modules.

Option 1 - with 1 coaching/module

1 x 1950€ or 4 x 540€

Option 2 - with 2 coachings for each module

1 x 3390€  or 4 x 990€

 Feel free to contact us for more information and availability

Glimlachende Zakenman

Soul business 

six weeks online program

The further along your path of karmic transformation, the more you become detached from karmic programs that previously governed your life. There will then be room to connect with your life purpose or your mission. This creates a completely new dynamic: your mission will call you. There is a force that "pulls" you in a certain direction.


Before that it was mainly survival urge that pushed you forward. There was no option to do nothing, because that was too painful. For example, a burnout, illness or failure forces someone to take action and to focus on personal development. The old no longer works and literally pushes us in a different direction.


Doing business from the heart


During this program you lay the foundation for your professional activities that arise from the heart. You build a sustainable foundation that can grow and evolve in the future. Dynamic and flexible, but always rooted in a deeper inspiration.


For whom? 

  • You want to get  joy and fulfillment from your professional activities.

  • You want to create your own professional environment from inspiration.

  • You want to start a new professional activity or transform your current activity into a project that is more closely aligned with you.

  • You want to turn abstract ideas into a very concrete work plan that you can use.



6 weeks, 4 times we meet online for a one-hour coaching where you will receive necessary material and guidelines to build your business from your heart and soul.

The price of this program is 980 € exc VAT

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