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Alchemy of Sparks

 Center for karmic and personal transformations


"At this place I understood what is "a call of the soul" and an effective personal transformation."
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"Alchemy of sparks" was born from an inner call that aimed to accompany individuals, willing to transform themselves. We provide support and a safe space for effective change and personal transformation.


Your intentions are creating a path during this journey towards your personal unfolding.​ Either you are here or online, we provide a safe space for you internal work so that you can reconnect with your self and your purpose.

It's nature, surrounding and energy make this center powerful space for self-transformation. Here you can work on your own unfolding and inner growth.


What we offer

Alchemy of Sparks facilitates individual retreats, study programs, online coachings and in-person sessions.

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Digital offers
In-person session
Gezellige open haard

Transformational Retreats

By going into an introspective silence in a natural environment, you make a deeper contact with your own nature, your own answers


Online coaching

Digital programs

Karmic Astrology consult


Trauma work

Burn out

Evolutionary depression

Inner child healing

Reconnection massage

Winter solstice group retreat

From 19/12 until 23/12 we retreat at "beautiful "Land aan Zee" in the Netherlands, to create in silence.

Alchemy of Sparks

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What our clients say

"I wanted to keep searching for my own truth, because I was going through a very difficult period in my life.That's why I ended up at Alchemy of Sparks. I was surprised by the question I received: do you REALLY want to  change? It immediately brought me to my own responsibility and 'real deal' therapy. Through the guidance I got a broader picture of my conscience, my thought patterns and beliefs. Gert creates a sacred space in which I feel completely safe to connect with my darkest traumas and thoughts. It feels like a personal transformation that has changed my life."



Alchemy of Sparks

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