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karmische opstellingen


You are currently experiencing inner growth and transformation, but sometimes it can feel overwhelming. There are moments when things are unclear and you crave support, someone to be there for you and offer a helping hand that you can rely on.


During our online coaching sessions, we focus on a specific challenge that you are facing and want to overcome. This challenge can be related to your professional life, personal life, spirituality, or relationships. We often become confused because we try to find answers solely in our minds.


While our minds are a valuable resource for solving many problems, there are times when we need to seek guidance elsewhere when we are stuck. Through targeted guidance, we help you transition from a mental state to a more intuitive and soulful level.


We explore what arises at the edge of your consciousness and determine what your energetic system requires. By doing so, we uncover the next step you can take on your transformative journey.


It is essential to create a calm and safe space during our online coaching sessions where you can freely express your emotions and let them go. We recommend keeping tissues nearby and having a pillow available  if needed.


If you prefer, you will be provided with a recording of your coaching session.


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